SLS Nylon

SLS Nylon is a PA2200 powder based material. It is both strong and incredibly versatile, making it a firm favourite for a variety of applications. It produces fine white parts with speed and precision fit for fully functional prototypes, or a series of complex end-use products.

Build Size
300mm x 300mm x 600mm

Production Time
Express = 2-3 working days
Standard = 5-7 working days

Material Details
Layer Thickness = 0.1mm
Minimum Wall Thickness = 0.8mm
Accuracy = +/- 0.3 mm

Our Nylon Services

We can cater for any scale project using our SLS Nylon machines, from one off parts to full serial manufacturing. Prices can vary depending on size, quantity, and production times.

Single Parts

SLS Nylon is great for one off parts, taking advantage of design freedom and great material quality.

  • Prototyping
  • Bespoke One Offs
  • Display Models
  • Study Models

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Batch Production

We can produce low volume batches of parts quickly and cost effectively. Pricing is based on the nested volume of parts, so with higher volume comes a lower unit cost. Either send us your files, or use our set priced container volumes.

  • Design Assemblies
  • Pilot Production Runs
  • One of Production
  • Repeat Orders

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Additive Manufacturing

Producing high quantity parts fit for end use products as an alternative to injection moulding. We can partner with you to enhance the design and performance with unique pricing structures and production times. 

  • No set up costs
  • No MOQs
  • Just in Time Production

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SLS Nylon Containers

Here you can use our unique fixed priced volumes for printing small batches of parts. It makes multiple part orders quicker and more cost effective .

  • No Quoting Required.
  • Full control on part orientation.
  • Manage your own quantities

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Raw SLS Nylon typically is white, with a granular finish. Our advanced finishing techniques can help transform parts into something more suitable and valuable to your requirements.

Colour Dyeing

Add colour and value to your products by using our new and advanced dyeing process. With our high quality internal processes we can achieve the most consistent and repeatable colours and surface textures, perfect for production runs and even wearables.

  • 2-5 day production time
  • Over 190 colours available
  • Match RAL colours
  • Custom developed Pantone colours.

Vibro Polishing

Achieve a smoother surface textures to produce near injection molded surfaces using our vibratory polishing machines.

  • 150mm x150mm x150mm
  • 1 Day Average Production Time
  • Erosive process
  • Suited for robust parts.

Other Finishing Techniques

We have a wealth of experience with working with our partners using different finishing techniques and can advise on the best solution for your project.

  • Spray Painting
  • Chroming
  • Metalising
  • Lacquering
  • Flocking

Technical Info

Our Machines
We strive to produce the strongest, whitest, most accurate and consistently reliable parts. Our modern fleet of EOS P1 and P3 SLS machines are the best the industry has to offer, and by using our advanced techniques, keeping the machines highly calibrated and taking no shortcuts we can take pride in the fact we are producing the optimum quality parts.

Unique selling points

  • We are the only service in the UK running 0.1mm layer thickness with the P3, resulting in a greater material performance
  • An automated powder management for greater part consistency and machine reliability.
  • Optimum powder ratios to achieve best material properties.
  • All orders are produced in-house to maintain high standards.

Design info
We have a highly experienced team that checks your file and can advise on any issues that might occur.

Below is our basic guidance:

Wall Thickness3 mm1 mm0.3 mm
Rod Diameter3 mm1.3 mm0.8 mm
Hole Diameter3 mm1 mm0.8 mm
Blind hole max [depth:diameter]1:11:11:1
Through hole max [depth:diameter]2:12:12:1
Text [height:depth]4mm : 0.3mm4mm : 0.3mm4mm : 0.3mm

Material Data

Tensile Strength48MPa
Tensile Modulus1700MPa
Elongation at break24%
Flexural modulus1500MPa
Flexural strength58MPa
Charpy – Impact strength53kJ/m²
Izod – Impact strength32.8kJ/m²
Shore D – Hardness75
Melting Point172 – 180ºC

The data are based on our latest knowledge and depend on the x-, y-, z-position and on the exposure parameters used. They do not guarantee properties for a particular part or in a particular application.

Please get in touch if you need any additional information.