SLA Resin

SLA Resin is a photocurable liquid resin, which produces parts with high detail and a smooth surface finish. Our selection of Resins are perfect for a wide number of applications, from bespoke models, visual prototypes, and small quantity production runs.

Build Sizes
Standard = 145mm × 145mm × 185mm
XL = 800mm x 800mm x 600mm

Production Time
Express = 2 Working Days
Standard = 5 Working Days
XL = 5 – 7 Working Days

Material Details
Layer thickness = 0.025mm
Recommended Wall thickness = 0.8mm

Our Standard Resin Service

Standard Resin

These are a great general purpose material, with a matte surface and precise details they can be used for most applications. Available in White, Grey and Black.

+ Prototyping
+ Miniatures
+ Mold Making

Clear Resin

This is used for parts that require a degree of translucency. Once processed the material is semi transparent and requires additional polishing to get the best clarity.

+ Model Making
+ Optical
+ Fluid Analysis
+ Prototyping

Castable Wax Resin

A 20% wax-filled material with zero ash content, it can produce intricate features with a smooth surface finish great for direct investment casting in precious metals.

+ Complex Geometry
+ Custom Try Ons
+ Ornate Surface Detail

We focus on the printing and do not offer a casting service. The material requires a set burnout schedule to get the best result so recommend consulting with a casting house.

Large Format

Alongside our standard resins we offer a large format SLA material that can print parts up to 800mm x 800mm x 600mm in either a white or transparent resin.

+ Model Making
+ Display Models
+ Large Scale Prototypes


We have a wealth of experience working with our partners using different finishing techniques and can advise on the best solution for your project.

+ Chroming
+ Spray Painting
+ Electroforming

Technical Info

Parts from the SLA process require support structures while printing. Our production team work to locate these in the most discreet locations to ensure the best surface quality and accurate results.
Once printed the production team work to clean, cure and then expertly hand finish every model to achieve the best quality parts possible.

Wall Thickness3mm0.6mm
Rod Diameter3mm0.8mm
Hole Diameter3mmN/A
Blind hole max [depth:diameter]1:11:1
Through hole max [depth:diameter]2:12:1
Text2:14mm : 0.3mm
[height : depth]4mm : 0.3mm2mm : 0.2mm