CJP Plaster

CJP is a plaster based powder material, bonded with liquid binders. Perfect for producing 3D models with speed and visual quality in either white or multicolour. This material is best suited for display purposes, such as conceptual models, sculptures, figurines and study models.

Build Size
250mm x 380mm x 200mm

Production Time
Express = 1-2 Working Day
Standard = 3- 5 Working Days

Material Details
Layer thickness = 0.1mm
Recommended shell thickness = 3mm
CMYK Full Colour

Our CJP Services


CJP Plaster produces vividly coloured models in full CMYK spectrum, which is great for creating either solid colour or photographic textured objects.

  • Sculptures
  • Visual Display Models
  • Figurines
  • Stop Motion Animations


CJP can also produce models in off white, which can be used by artists, designers and architects for a wide number of applications

  • Study Models
  • Context Models
  • Maquettes
  • Sculpture

Technical Info

We are always pushing for the highest quality output from our CJP printers. We keep them well calibrated and push the machines to produce high quality colour and detail so our team can process even the most challenging models.

There are a few things to be aware of with CJP Plaster models:

  • Handle with Care – Models are fairly brittle and can get damaged. 
  • Keep away from water, this can weaken and stain the model. 
  • For the best colour accuracy we recommend printing a test for calibration.
  • We can hollow the model to reduce material volume and cost

Design Guide

Wall Thickness3 mm1 mm
Rod Diameter3 mm1 mm
Hole Diameter3 mmN/A
Blind hole max [depth:diameter]1:11:1
Through hole max [depth:diameter]2:12:1
[height:depth]4 mm : 0.3 mm2mm : 0.2mm