The photogrammetry process captures 3D objects in full photographic detail, with high quality texture maps ideal for use in the film, gaming and advertising industry.

Full Body 3D Scans

Our inhouse 360 degree camera rig captures the whole body in full detail, instantly. Using an array of cameras that shoot is unison, combined with uniform studio lighting means we can capture the human form in all its detail.


We are able to 3D scan objects with high resolution 16K texture maps, providing you with amazing looking digital assets. Our 360 degree lighting set up means objects are perfectly lit from every angle.

Production Ready

Our skilled team of digital artists can take the 3D scan from raw data to production ready digital assets. Whether you require additional digital sculpting, retopology for high poly assets used in animation or low poly assets for VR/AR experiences.

We would love to talk to you about your 3D scanning project and answer any questions you have.

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