Our in-house design team has a deep understanding of additive technologies, materials and processes.

Based in the same studio as our production team, where our parts are also manufactured, we work together to design parts that perform, and produce high-quality results.

Our Design Process


We start by understanding your needs. We ask the right questions, and use our expertise to uncover new opportunities that additive technologies might bring.


One of our designers will lead the project and be your point of contact throughout. We will keep you closely involved in the development – reviewing the various stages. Through close collaboration, we avoid any surprises on delivery.


Whether it is a bespoke object or a set of products, we follow a clear project management process to always deliver on time and on budget,

Designing parts to manufacture using additive technologies needs a good understanding of the materials and processes to get the best results. Our design and production team work together to make your parts perform.

Technical Knowledge
We have deep technical knowledge and experience making parts for optimum performance, whether it is modifying snap-fit designs, or advising on tolerances to aid assembly.

Value Engineering
We make sure your design fits within a cost-effective manufacturing process – for example, by improving build density and reducing the use of material.

Parameter Optimisation
We don’t stop with the design. We adapt the printing parameters to get the best out of additive technologies. That can mean choosing the best orientation for the highest quality or optimising the laser strategy to reduce build times.

Our Toolbox

Our design team are skilled in a number of CAD software which we can apply to a project, so no matter what the brief is we can find a solution.

Digital Sculpting

  • Geometric Freedom
  • Organic Forms
  • Character Design

Solid Modelling

  • Mechanical Design
  • Product Design
  • High Fidelity Surfaces

Algorithmic Design

  • Generative Design
  • Advanced Parametric Modelling
  • Lattice Structures