Your design and production partners

We help the world’s most influential manufacturers, designers, engineers, architects and artists turn ideas into reality.

Our services range from design to production, all based under one roof. We tackle problems from a multidisciplinary perspective to achieve the very best results.


At Additive, quality drives everything we do.

We use the latest AM technologies but it is our culture and our ethos that makes us stand out. We are collaborative, open and honest, and consult with our clients to ensure our components meet their needs and are of the highest standard.

Our diverse team truly cares for what we do. Our passion and unique understanding of the best additive technologies, processes and services give us an edge over our competitors and adds value to our clients.


Quality has always been at the heart of who we are. Our founder Andrew Dawood, is a specialist dental implant surgeon and a pioneer of 3D printing. He started using the technology in 2005 to create highly accurate and innovative surgical solutions for patients and saw its potential for prototyping and design. Digits2Widgets was born out of that vision.

Over the last 10 years, we have helped the world’s most influential companies to push the possibilities of 3D printing. During this time the industry has evolved, and so have we. Digits2widgets is now Additive – our new name celebrates our journey so far as we look ahead to the future.