3D Scanning

3D scanning is an incredibly versatile tool for artists, designers, and engineers to capture existing objects and turn them into digital forms. We have a range of high end equipment to assist with a wide range of projects.

Our Technology

Structured Light

A light pattern is projected onto the surface with a camera tracking the deformation to build the 3D geometry.

  • High Detail Small Objects
  • Full Colour
  • Accurate Medium to large objects
  • Up to 100 Micron 3D Resolution


By taking multiple high resolution images of an object we can build a highly detailed 3D model with amazing texture detail.

  • 64 Camera Rig
  • 16K Texture Maps
  • Studio Light set up

CT Scanning

Traditionally used for the medical profession we can capture highly accurate external and internal geometry of an object, ideal for reverse engineering and visualisation.

  • Internal Geometry
  • Highly Accurate
  • Small Objects


The key to a successful outcome is not just the equipment but how you use it for the end application. Over the years we have had experience with a range of projects and can help advise on the most appropriate technology to get the best results.


Producing highly detailed digital replica’s capturing both the geometry and texture information.

  • Digital advertising campaigns.
  • Conservation and archive for museums to digital preserve objects and make accessible to the larger public.
  • Art and Sculpture

Reverse Engineering

Replicating an original part as a starting point for a design project or to produce new versions.

  • Complex surfaces and forms.
  • Replacing damaged existing parts.
  • Existing OEM parts that you need to design around.


Producing production data for fabrication from an existing object.

  • Producing replicas
  • Capture detailed maquettes for production
  • Window Displays
  • Props and Model Making


Creating highly detailed digital assets from people to objects. Work with our design team to retopologize data ready for rigging and further production.

  • People for games and animation.
  • Products for use in motion graphics
  • Renderings
  • Digital Artwork